About Us

The EarthCo brand is a representative of products that are of high quality, functional, stylish and affordable value, and are made from materials that are non-toxic and environmentally sustainable.

Careful consideration is given in the selection of the manufacturers of our products.  We insist that the production process is environmentally responsible. This includes critiquing the method of sourcing, type of raw materials utilised in the manufacture's process, method of manufacture, packaging and transportation.

Just as we are committed to our own employees, EarthCo also believes in fair work conditions and fair pay for the employees of the manufactures and others that are part of our product supply chain. To this end we only deal with organisations that can demonstrate, via independent certification, their adherence to a fair workplace code of conduct.

EarthCo products are not cheap, low cost items. However, when compared with products of a similar quality, the EarthCo product is typically a more innovative and affordable option.

Products that don’t cost the Earth!

Products that don’t cost the Earth

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